Shoot twice

In the early days of World War One the German Kaiser was talking to the head of Swiss army.

"You have an army of only 500,000 men.What would you do if attacked by an army of one million men?" asked the Kaiser.

"Each one of our soldiers would simply shoot twice," said the Swiss army commander.


At a casino

At a Las Vegas casino,a blackjack dealer and a player with a 13 count in his hand are arguing about whether or not it is appropriate to tip the dealer.The player says,"When I get bad cards,it's not the dealer's fault.Accordingly,when I get good cards,the dealer obviously has nothing to do with that either,so why should I tip him?"

The dealer replies,"When you eat at a restaurant do you tip the waiter?"

"Yes," the gambler concedes.

"Well then he serves you food: whether it's good or bad isn't up to him. By the same token,I'm serving you cards,so you should tip me."

"OK," says the gambler,"but the waiter gives me what I ask for.I'll take an 8."

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